When it comes to treating your pet’s health concerns, veterinary diagnostics are the most important first step. We take great pride in the exceptional diagnostic tools we utilize at AnimalCare Veterinary Center because we know that without complete diagnostics, proper treatment cannot be administered. We make diagnosing and treating your pet a priority so that they can get back on the road to good health as quickly as possible.


Some of the diagnostics we offer at AnimalCare Veterinary Center include:






Radiographs (X-rays) are extremely useful for diagnosing medical problems. An X-ray can often pinpoint the organ where a problem is occurring. Tumors and foreign bodies can be observed in an X-ray. They can aid in the diagnosis of joint issues such as fractures, hip dysplasia, and any arthritic changes in joints and bones. Gastrointestinal problems, bladder stones, heart disease and lung disease can be diagnosed quickly and efficiently using X-rays. Our Doctors are well trained in operating our X-ray equipment.

For a faster diagnosis AnimalCare Veterinary Center is equipped with digital radiology. This is new technology that produces better images than traditional film radiographs.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive, non-painful method for diagnosing and evaluating your pet. Fasting or withholding of food and water is not necessary. It can be performed without sedation or anesthesia while your pet is awake. Preparation of the area includes shaving of their fur. Ultrasound is an effective tool that is very useful to study the heart and major blood vessels as well as other internal organs such as the liver, spleen, and urinary bladder. Ultrasound can also be used during a pet's pregnancy.

Our doctors will provide a report to you following the appointment. 

Ultrasound diagnostics are available at our location by appointment only.

At AnimalCare Veterinary Center, we have a fully-equipped in-house laboratory so that we can provide exceptional care to our patients. With our lab, we are able to provide test results quickly and efficiently for a variety of diagnostics including:


  • Blood work

  • Complete blood chemistry

  • Culture testing

  • Diagnostic SNAP tests

  • Ear cytologies

  • Emergency electrolyte panels

  • Fecal cytologies

  • Liver and kidney function tests

  • Urinalysis

  • and more...